The Cubs finally won a World Series and a woman was nominated to be her party’s nominee for President of the United States. However, the Blair Oaks Falcons retained its grip on a district title football championship with a 56-35 win over the SoBoCo Eagles on Friday night in Wardsville.

Colby Phillips ran this kickoff back for a 92-yard touchdown in the first quarter of Friday's game at Blair Oaks.

Colby Phillips ran this kickoff back for a 92-yard touchdown in the first quarter of Friday’s game at Blair Oaks.

But the Eagles took a big step towards ending that reign. A very big step.

After being dominated by the Falcons earlier in the season, the Eagles won five straight and never backed down from the No. 2-ranked Falcons, standing toe-to-toe and trading punches with the talented team.

After the Eagles fumbled on their opening play, Blair Oaks’ sophomore quarterback Nolan Hair threw a short TD pass to Ben Thomas, the Falcons scored the two-point conversion and it looked like the rout was on.

But it was only the start of an Eagles game in which they gave up plenty of points, but fought back on offense.

After the Falcons’ Nolan Hair hit Ben Thomas for a 14-yard TD to open the scoring, SoBoCo’s Colby Phillips took the ensuing kickoff and turned it upfield for a 92-yard TD run. Parker Boyce’s point after made it an 8-7 Falcons lead.

“That was a huge play,” said Eagles quarterback Spencer Taggart. “Everyone was wanting to be out on the field and take it to them – Colby made a big play.”

It was only 7 points, but Phillips’ touchdown showed the Eagles that, even when they were behind, they could make plays on the Falcons.

The two teams traded possessions for the rest of the quarter and the Falcons widened their lead with a Van Ronzelen TD to make it 14-7.

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By Bruce Wallace