Since their mercy-rule victory over Canton on Oct. 5, the Southern Boone Soccer team (12-0) has had to wait to face their next opponent. A matchup that was scheduled to take place in Westphalia last Thursday against Fatima was canceled due to COVID issues with the Osage County school. The long break between games will finally end tomorrow, Oct. 15, when the Eagles host an improved Fulton squad (10-4). Teacher Appreciation Night for the senior players will take place prior to the game.

While the long lay-off between games isn’t normal, Coach Vandelicht used the unexpected pause to change up his practice schedule. After challenging his team to put forth maximum effort in a very tough practice last Wednesday, the coach rewarded his players by giving them the next two days off from practice. He wanted them to understand that when they put in the hard work – both now and in the coming postseason – rewards follow. On a practical level, the extra two days off were beneficial for those players dealing with injuries and for providing extra time to catch up on school work. “This was the perfect chance to get some extended rest and for us to come back as a full team and start gearing up for the postseason,” Vandelicht explained.

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