LEAD SPORTS PHOTO: Coach Damon Wren instructs the Eagles girls during a timeout.

LEAD SPORTS STORY: Eagles girls respond well to conference loss, win two out of three games

The Southern Boone County girls’ basketball team had a long week of games that was bookended by two teams with tough post players.

A 55-48 win over Macon capped off the week for the Eagles. The Tigers’ post wasn’t the biggest, strongest or fastest SoBoCo saw that week, but her footwork and shooting was a defensive challenge for the point guard heavy Eagles.

Early, the Eagles were able to defend Macon by taking away the post and putting on a full court press that slowed the Tigers’ offense down. They broke out to a quick 11-6 lead with two and a half minutes left in the first quarter. Macon started to find their rhythm, however, driving to the basket and dumping off to the post. The Tigers’ ended the quarter on 7-0 run, up 13-11.

They extended their lead by using the very style of play that Southern Boone was most comfortable in. Eagles coach Damon Wren’s perimeter defense was unable to close up lanes as Macon confidently drove to the basket and ran the offense through their post.

“We played behind her, pretty much the whole entire night, and our goal is to play in front of her and have weak side help. We let her catch too many times,” Wren said.

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By Briley Eilers