The Eagles soccer team expected to have plenty of offense heading into the first games of the season. Head coach Chris Miller had a number of returners who were battle tested after making it to a Final Four in 2017. The question mark for the team was on the defensive end after losing a number of seniors.

After the first two games of the season, both easy wins against Osage and Boonville, Miller thinks the defense is coming into shape, even if it isn’t totally set.

“The more they play, the better off they’re going to be…we’re learning every game and figuring stuff out,” Miller said.

Figuring it out has meant moving some players around on the defense and finding a good combination. Brandon Wagner, a returning center, has been a constant for the team as Miller tries out seniors and sophomores at different positions.

Seniors Austin King and Brett Brookeshire made an impression and may get more time in the backfield going forward.

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By Briley Eilers