The Monett Cubs slipped and slid their way past the Southern Boone County boys soccer team for a 2-1 quarterfinals win on Saturday.

Field conditions caused problems for both teams, who played the game at Southern Boone County high school. The football team had played on the field the night before and wet, overcast conditions caused unsure footing and some slipping and sliding, frustrating players. But each team had to deal with the conditions, as head coach Chris Miller noted, and despite it being the home field, the Eagles didn’t really have an advantage over Monett.

Even with the muddy field, the two teams came out of the gate showcasing speed and ball control. Monett matched the speed of SoBoCo’s quick forwards Rece Gilmroe and Rajeesh Bennett. For the first minutes of the game, the Cubs and Eagles traded possession of the ball, but the two defenses kept shots on the goal limited.

As the first half trudged on, Monett slowly started to keep possession of the ball for longer stretches. The Eagles defenders were kept pushed up to the goal as Monett began taking more shots. SoBoCo goalkeeper Nick Grabner made a few easy saves, but the Cubs offense kept pushing the ball upfield.

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By Briley Eilers