That was the word of the week for the Southern Boone County High School’s football team after a 30-22 loss to Versailles on September 7. It was the first time since 2012 that the Eagles had lost to the Tigers and senior lineman Brett Price knew it.

“Our scores have been 209 to seven in the last five years so losing to [Versailles] was a big loss. It was kind of embarrassing almost,” he said.

So that word, redemption, went up in the locker room for the entire team to see throughout the week. And on Friday night, in a game against No. 6 ranked, Class 3 Eldon, SoBoCo got the redemption they had been talking about all week.

The 39-7 rout of the Mustangs had players and fans smiling and celebrating in a way they hadn’t been the week before. Price could tell from before the start of the game that the team was honed in and prepared, different than what head coach Trent Tracy had seen a week before.

“Just from being down there in the lineman drills, you could just hear our helmets clacking a lot harder. You could hear those [defensive backs] whooping and hollering when they did something right…The atmosphere was a lot different,” Price said.

“I had a lot better feeling. In the last four years I’ve been here, we were two and two. The boys obviously know that this is a team that is going to be tough and it’s going to be a tough game…that I think helped with their focus,” Tracy said.

At halftime, it looked to be one of those tough games between Southern Boone County and Eldon that he had been talking about. A 7-7 score more than explained the dog fight that had gone on between the two teams.

Despite the roar of the home crowd behind them, the Eagles hadn’t been able to take any momentum away from Eldon. Even an interception by sophomore Blake Dapkus didn’t loosen the floodgates, and the Eagles had to finish the drive punting the ball away.

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