By: Anthony Frazier

“Praising what is lost makes the memory dear,” wrote Shakespeare. In this tradition Senior Night is celebrated in high school across all America during which graduating players are praised for their dedication and perseverance. It is an evening where the results of the match yield to more lasting impressions: departing players reminisce on their grand adventure soon to be finished, Coaches lament the loss of their relationship to children who have grown into young adults, junior players regret losing friends but also think of their own future opportunities, and parents inwardly weep for the passing of an era. There is much of life packed into these 10 minutes of celebration and then…the moment is gone, normalcy returns, the game—and life—goes on. The seniors of the SoBoCo girls golf team have much to remember, including 3 straight conference titles (with a 4th hoped for in two weeks’ time). But what memories will truly persist are particular images of their teammates and their numerous practice time frolics, post-match ice creams, the good-natured whispered jokes at their coaches’ expense. These are the goods of youth to which we return as we age. So congratulations to Gracyn Flaspohler, Lily Frazier and Lila Frazier for a job very well done and a legacy cemented. Your daily journey is no longer to a place, rather to a new way of being.