By Brian Kirmse

Is there a track or cross country team in Ashland? Well, you could say most definitely, “YES!” And they’re really good!

No, I’m not talking about the middle school or high school teams, although they’re really good, too! I’m talking about Ashland’s summer running club… the competitive team that consists of kids from 5 years old up to well, ninety-five! That is, if there were in any kids interested in running with the group at that age. All are welcome!

Six years ago, Brad Newkirk started coaching kids in cross-country running and for the past three years in track. You could say it’s his passion, but in reality, it’s his family’s passion. It started with Newkirk’s father, Jess Newkirk and funneled it’s way to him and then his wife, Becky, and their two children, Alexa and Jess, Jr. The entire family helps Newkirk coach the Ashland club. Other running coaches include Monica Mauney, Demond Trauber and Audrey Walker.

Is it all about running? Not really!

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