Front: Nolan Davis, Lucas Springer, Cooper Newland, Beckam Huck, Drew Jolly. Back: C. W. Scheidt (coach), Joel Piper, Corbin Scheidt, Declan Johnston, Eli Mistler, Aiden Bonnot, Matt Mistler (coach)

On Saturday, Feb. 3rd, the Southern Boone 5th grade boys’ basketball team ended their season undefeated in the Fayette 28th Annual 5th/6th grade basketball tournament. The team’s record for the entire season was 19-4 overall between two different leagues and two tournaments total.

Coach Scheidt says “our record was made possible due to excellent team defense and unselfish offensive play. The boys showed tremendous growth this season and it was wonderful to see their hard work over the past five months culminate in a tournament championship.”

Congratulations to these boys for their hard work and a great season!!