The high school fishing team competed in their last regular season tournament Sunday, May 22 at Stockton Lake. There were 166 teams entered. Southern Boone’s Blaine Sapp and Tanner Miller took 43rd and Owen Kemna and Austin Marren finished 115th. There was a storm that moved through the night before, and many believed that would hurt the bite. A little over 14 lbs for a 5 fish limit won the tournament. Brad Breedlove, who was the boat captain for Sapp & Miller, said, “We had our opportunities to catch a limit, but just didnt get the hook set good enough on a few fish and they came off.” A limit would have likely put the two anglers in the top 15, but they ended with 3 fish weighing 6.45 lbs. As the day went on, the temperatures got hotter, and the fishing slowed way down.

State competition is a two day tournament, June 18th and 19th at Table Rock lake. Blaine Sapp, Tanner Miller, Austin Marren, Owen Kemna, Peyton Keathley, Jackson Sartain, & Derek Gilmore all qualified for state this year.

“It will be interesting to see how we do at a lake that is so far away from us, that a lot of schools have the opportunity to fish often. However, with fishing, the playing field is sort of level for everyone. If you can do the right thing, at the right time, and get in them, you can have a great day.”

The fishing team is also holding a fundraising event for students grades 2-8, July 16th. To find out more information on the event go to the fishing teams webpage and click on schedule, find the event on the calendar and click on it, and the registration flyer is attached.

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by Wade Vandelicht