Most likely your calendar on the wall, or on your desk, or on your phone did not notify you of a special event last Thursday. Very few, if indeed any, churches had a special service on the 40th day after Easter to celebrate the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven. It happened and in Luke 24 we read that the disciples returned with joy to Jerusalem after the ascension.

Why did Jesus ascend into heaven and what is he doing there now? Let Jesus answer that question: “I go to prepare a place for you; I will come again and receive you to myself that where I am you may be also” -John 14:6.

He spoke those words on the evening before He died. On the next day He made all the preparations necessary for anyone to come and live with Him forever. On the cross He took away the sins of the world, making it possible for anyone to wash their robes in the blood of the lamb and join the saints in the unending hymn of praise to Him who sits on the throne at the right hand of His Father.

The place is prepared. What remains to be done is that Jesus returns to take us to Himself. That can happen momentarily as Jesus returns at the Father’s appointed time to judge the living and the dead and bring all things to an end on this earth. The only thing that prevents that from happening is that the last one of God’s chosen people has not yet heard the gospel. Nothing else needs to be done before that happens.

Until that happens Jesus comes for us individually when the number of days allotted to us by the wisdom of God is completed. Since no one knows how much time is allotted to us it behooves us to be ready at all times with faith in Jesus that He is the Son of God and has saved us from our sin.

What a homecoming that will be when Jesus returns for each one of us!

Elmer Schiefer
Pastor, Family of Christ Lutheran Church

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