The Boone County Journal encourages registered voters to get out and vote on August 8 – and to vote YES on Proposition 1 – the renewal of the road and bridge half-cent sales tax.

The Prop One tax was first approved by voters in 1993 – significantly reducing property taxes in exchange fora a broader sales tax for improving roads and bridges.

The tax was renewed by voters in 1997 and 2007. The county commission recently discussed making this tax permanent, however, they have left it having a 10-year ‘sunset’ – a smart move that requires the county to prove itself to voters.

Boone County planners and road maintenance has shown in the past decade they have been a responsible steward of this $14 million in funding to maintain and strengthen our 771-miles of county roads and bridges.

Municipal governments, County Commissioner Fred Parry tells us, receive about $3 million annually from Prop 1 funding. Ashland Mayor Gene Rhorer and Ashland Aldermen George Campbell – two of Prop 1’s biggest proponents – say that Ashland has received more than its fair share.

“It is absolutely critical to our funding for street improvement projects,” Rhorer told the Southern Boone Chamber of Commerce.

We agree. The half-cent sales tax has provided funding for projects such as Liberty Lane and its intersection with Henry Clay as well as re-building Angel Lane and several other projects.

Voting YES for Prop 1 on the August 8 ballot will continue to help Southern Boone County in its economic development efforts near the airport and here in town.

To recap:

• Prop 1 is not a new tax.

• It is a half-cent sales tax.

• It has a 10year sunset.

The Journal endorses passing Proposition One on the August 8 ballot.

By Bruce Wallace