When I am putting 790 miles on the car in one weekend, that means there will be a large number of podcasts involved.

                Bruce Wallace

Some of the top podcasts with newsmakers include a sort of “thumbs up or thumbs down” segment in which CEOs, athletes or newsmakers provide opinions.

After going stir-crazy in the Honda, it is an easy template to follow. Here are a few “Underrated/Overrated” topics:

Overrated – the Super Bowl. Really? Are you going to waste 6-8 hours listening to pre-game and then wait for “Upon further review” just to see a couple of great plays? Spoiler alert: The Patriots win – again. Watch the ads and the highlights on YouTube on Monday.

Underrated – the Southern Boone Classic Basketball Tournament. Top to bottom, the best high school tournament in Missouri. Get out and see a game this week.

Underrated – a Western Digital external hard drive. For less than $100, never worry about losing your computer “stuff” again.

Overrated – taking your dog to work. The dog at work does the same thing he would do if left at home all day….sleep.

Underrated – giving birth as a seated U.S. Senator. Sen. Tammy Duckworth announced her pregnancy last week. The Illinois senator will give birth this spring to her second child. The only reason this hasn’t happened before? Not enough female senators.

Overrated – the Grammy Awards. Award shows in general are mostly major ego boosts for those involved. The rest of the time is spent selling downloads.

Overrated – Sunday morning political shows. Church has more facts, more entertainment and better gossip.

Adequately Rated – investing in America. The stock market is going up for many reasons, mostly becuase corporate America is making money. So can you.

Underrated – Optimist Pancake Day. There is nothing better than waking up to a big stack of pancakes – unless it is a stack of pancakes that you did not have to make yourself. Be there on Saturday morning.

Overrated – siblings. You can pick your friends, you can pick your enemies, etc. You should love your siblings and do whatever you can for them. But you had better have some friends.

Underrated – high school sports officials. Try holding games without them.

Overrated – Pasta restaurants. Especially those which charge more than $20 for a $2 plate of noodles.

Overrated – Fan angst about firing a college coach. Nobody but those directly involved know what was said in closed-door meetings.

Overrated – “Exclusives” on local TV news. The term was over-used about 20 years ago.

Underrated – School security and the new systems at the SoBoCo Middle and High Schools. What took them so long?

Underrated – “Groundhog Day,” the movie, not the holiday.

Underrated – Josh Kurelac – Rod Smith gets all the love at KRCG-13 Sports, and deserves it, but Josh works the shifts out of the limelight.