Cathy Salter

How can I ever adequately describe Laura Perez-Mesa?  There simply aren’t enough words.  When Laura passed away the morning of August 11, 2020, those of us who knew her lost a treasured friend.  Her family shared these words, “To all those who had the good fortune of knowing her, she was the embodiment of effortless elegance, charm and class.” She was truly magnificent.

Laura’s classic elegance and boundless energy made her appear ageless.  She was the embodiment of joy, love and light.  When Laura was in a room, she filled it with hearty laughter and a can-do spirit born of her rural Iowa roots. Her gorgeous silver hair brushed into a stylish bun gave her a Latin flare. Her last name hinted that her heritage might have been Spanish or Cuban. Once while visiting Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art with friends, she was mistaken for the museum’s founder, Alice Walton.  Dressed in bold red, black, yellow and white colors, she was a living Mondrian work of art.  Her silver jewelry, itself a statement of her love of art, made her literally shine.

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