Is America really more divided than ever? I could cite a few examples, right off the top of my head, that would cast doubts upon that oft-repeated (as of late) claim. During the American Revolution, there was a sharp divide between those who fought for independence from the king and those who remained loyal to the crown. The Civil War, of course, saw a nation so at odds with itself that it split in two over the cause of slavery. More recently, the turbulent 1960s, with the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War, featured nationwide protests, hate crimes, and large riots. No, I don’t think America is more divided than ever. Not even close.

Travis Naughton

I do, nevertheless, have a plan to bring the people of our great nation closer together. The beauty of my plan lies in its simplicity. It requires very little effort. In fact, the success of my plan hinges only upon a single action. For the next week, instead of dwelling on politics and the upcoming election, focus all of your attention on the World Series.

I’m dead serious. 

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