Are people concerned about the devil these days? Should they be concerned? Or has the devil been relegated to a bygone era when grandmothers warned their grandchildren that the devil would lead them to all kinds of bad things? When about every church has gone virtual, we might yawn when the devil is mentioned and reach for the remote control and listen to something more contemporary.

That intention could be an indication that a very, real personal devil has planted in you an idea that is contrary to God’s word. In Genesis 3 and Matthew 4, a personal devil tempts people to doubt God’s word. To whom are we listening when we are tempted to say the devil is no longer relevant?

Consider another aspect of our lives that tells us who is influencing us. A relative, a friend, a co-worker really irritates us. We keep our distance from that person. Do we shrug it off and tell ourselves it is no big deal? We did not need that person’s friendship anyhow. But if that person was really important in our life, we can tell ourselves we will wait a while and see if he or she apologizes to us? Jesus certainly does not tell us to take our time going to our brother who has offended us (see Matthew 18).

If you are consistent in your church attendance, praise the Lord. But if you are among a great many people whom I have met, who told me they go once in a while but don’t really see the need to attend on a regular basis, compare that idea with the words of Jesus in John 8.

Jesus had heard God say to Him you are my beloved son. The devil tempted Jesus to doubt but Jesus resisted every such temptation with a clear word of God. In your baptism God told you that He is your father. Does your attitude, behavior, language daily confirm or deny that truth? Or do you prefer to be noncommittal?

The eternal word of God in 2 Peter warns that the devil is a roaring lion looking for somebody to destroy. There is no passage that has annulled that passage.

Pray with me dear friend that God protects us from the lies of the devil and daily confirms to us that He is our loving father through His son Jesus Christ.
Elmer Schiefer

Pastor, Family of Christ Lutheran Church