By: Frank Burkett

Just recently a reminder came to my attention. I am old enough to remember that time in history, 62 years ago, September 29, 1959. I will give a brief history. Nikita Khrushchev became the First Secretary of the Communist Party i.e., Dictator, of Russia. He held that office 1958 through 1964. During this time the Cuban Missile crisis came about, and our young President John F. Kennedy forced him to back down. After removing Russia’s missiles from Cuba Khrushchev became unpopular at home, and after more unpopularity, he was removed from power. Then he was exiled with a pension to retirement. As you can see, the speech by Khrushchev was made just after he became the Premier of Russia. The following is the bolts and nuts of my recollection, plus Khrushchev’s, almost like Nostradamus’s predictions, to our demise.

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