By: Frank Burkett I admit it has been a long time since I left school, but I did study a little. I don’t remember if it was in General Studies or Math, but the bell curve got my interest. It seemed a bell shape chart was used as a formula in most math, science, and other general studies. I am going to use it as a barometer for the general public. My view points to the use of the bell curve, are to categorize our skin thickness. Standard deviations of the bell curve is (thin skin 9.5%), (normal skin 81%), thick skin (9.5%). Oh yes, I know there are many intrinsic algebra, geometry and other steps that are over my head, science wise about the use of the bell curve, but I will simplify. This way I will explain the bell curve to you, in the best way I can. My views on ‘Cancel Culture’, ‘Woke’, or ’Critical Race Theory’, depends on thickness of skin, no matter what color it may be. I believe we have three types, of skin. I will first depict Afro Americans. Those with normal skin thickness can just ignore statues, flags or other symbols of our past ugly history, because those around today had nothing to do with what happened ages ago. Or perhaps, those same Afro American’s admire the artistic sculptures, artwork and revere historic Monuments of the history in this greatest of all nations, America. The thin skinned will visualize those same items as racist, hate mongering and in your face mockery. Perhaps sculptors or artists had racial thoughts while producing those historical artifacts, and maybe not. Only those artists know, unless they themselves, made comments or wrote about their artwork in racial terms. If they did make racial remarks at the time of débuting the artwork, that would have been the time to put the piece in the scrapheap. Then there are the thick skinned which are, if you are for an activist movement, then the thick skinned are against it, in turn, if you are against the activist movement the thick skinned are for it. In other words, argumentative and contrary.

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