In late October, there was a suggestion of snow during a particularly drizzly week.  Ice formed on the outdoor steps to Kit’s second story studio and a conversation began.  Perhaps we thought it might be time to move his studio over to the house and make use of part of one of our two upstairs guest bedrooms.  Then, there followed a series of decisions and discoveries that now have us determined to pull up stakes after 30 years in Missouri and head west sometime in the spring.

Cathy Salter

But first, back to the smaller move—transporting Kit’s computer and a few files from his large studio across a glade of cedars, oaks and walnut trees to the upstairs of our house.  We settled on the north-facing bedroom where there is an old Missouri walnut four-poster bed that by now is as old as I am, gorgeous quilts gracing two opposing walls, two small bookcases, and an old trunk along a wall beneath one of the quilts.  A small writing table and chair were tucked into an alcove below a west-facing window.  

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