Once upon a time in America, when two people got together and discussed their political beliefs, there was a real chance that one or both of them might change their mind about something after listening to a different perspective. There was once a time when telling the truth mattered and “alternate facts” were simply called lies. Not long ago, people could debate important issues without vilifying those with whom they disagreed. However, in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, it is painfully clear that the age of civility in politics has officially ended.

Travis Naughton

The Age of Trumpism is upon us.

In the days after my latest column, entitled “Make America Kind Again”, was published in last week’s Journal, I was reminded of just how uninterested some of Trump’s followers are in treating Democrats like me with kindness. Over the last few months, I have snoozed, unfollowed, unfriended, and blocked more people on Facebook than I can count due to the overwhelming amount of animosity directed at me and people who share my beliefs. When that negativity became too much to bear last week, I finally did what I had been contemplating for a long time; I quit Facebook. 

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