Let’s face it, the funniest political

Bruce Wallace

Bruce Wallace

commercial on TV this election season is the one in which three children, including one young blonde girl, are sticking their tongues out at each other, saying: “Nyah-Nyah-Nyah” and actually slinging mud at each other.

Meanwhile, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder tells the watcher that being governor requires more than name-calling and mud fights.

Does it make me want to vote for Lt. Governor Kinder?

Not necessarily.

But I do know that it makes me want to watch less television until after Nov. 8.

Political television advertising has, now, a long history of playing fast with the truth, but every four years we are told that “this election things will get really nasty.”

I’m not so sure.

Politicos have been lacerating the truth telling half-truths about their opponents and their records since my grandparents first plugged in the Philco and adjusted the rabbit ears.

What is predictable about the upcoming presidential race?

The candidates will focus on what is wrong with their opponent. And there’s plenty of ammo right there.

What else might we see?

I’m waiting to see if the Trump campaign superimposes Hillary Clinton in a cast photo of “Orange is the New Black” television cast.

I’m also waiting to see if the Clinton campaign runs video of Trump pushing “The Button” and the next scene being a mushroom cloud. “Who knows what he will do next?” The ad would ask, in a replay of LBJs famous anti-Barry Goldwater ad.

I don’t know that either of those ads would do any good. The 48% who are going to vote for the Republican and Democrat won’t likely be swayed by either opponent’s ads.


Did you go to Sturgeon and this year’s Boone County Fair?

Hmmm….yeah. Unless you had a blood relative showing an animal or wanted to sweat off 10 lbs. I didn’t see you there.

But a tip of the hat to the City and folks of Sturgeon who were unfailingly polite and worked hard with the Fair Board to present this year’s fair. The Fair Board made the most of what they had and provided a genuine rural setting for the fair.

They could not do anything about the intense heat. They could not do much about the limitations presented to them by the Sturgeon fairgrounds’ geography.

But they did a great job of creating plenty of excitement among 4H kids showing goats, sheep, bucket calves, chickens and more.

If you don’t think the county fair is for the kids, you need to be there when there is judging in the show ring.

Congratulations to Boone County Fair Queen Allyssa Johnson, Market Goats Champion Riley Tade and Meat Chicken Champion Katie Nichols – as well as all of those who won 4H competition ribbons.


Ready to get back to the grind?

Next week’s Boone County Journal Back To School guide signals that it’s that time of year again.

But it’s not too late!

There is always one more chance for a quick summer fling – a float trip, a short drive to Central Dairy, or simply walking barefoot at City Park.

Summer is a great time to hit “reset” and spend time with family, get into work late and leave a little early.

With a break in the summer heat this week, it seems a good time to take off, play some hooky and take the kids or grandkids on a short road trip – maybe to a Missouri theme park or a Cardinals/Royals ball game?

For me, it will likely be a trip to a Missouri State Park.

Get out there….take one more swing at summer.