Among my many annoying habits is that I often have a thought come to mind, which I need to communicate to someone else, I tell them as soon as it pops into my head.

Bruce Wallace

Never mind that my wife, the bookkeeper for the Journal, doesn’t need to be reminded that federal payroll taxes are due in a few weeks, or that she needs to be reminded at all, but I reminded her while we were driving to an event on Saturday afternoon.

Out of the blue: “Hey, don’t forget, you have to get the fed tax done on the last Thursday of this month,” I noted to her.

“First of all, I have it noted on our calendar,” she stated, “and I appreciate the reminder. But it’s not really a relevant comment today.”

Isn’t my wife lovely? She could have turned on me and said: “Look, you knucklehead, you take care of the editing, I’ll take care of the bookkeeping. You’ve got more to worry about than I do. Keep your stupid random thoughts to yourself.”

But, of course, she didn’t – which goes a long way to explaining how we have stayed together 35-plus years.

All that to say this – these random thoughts make it decidedly difficult to write a newspaper column – typically a singular, focused thought – when I would like to make several points at once.

This affliction is quite simply why Twitter was invented.

Know any world leaders who share my affliction?

Anyway – a number of random thoughts that I need to get in the paper now before the upcoming dates are past or I don’t write them down elsewhere and forget to pursue them:

• Lutheran Fish Fry – is scheduled for Friday, March 16 – don’t miss this one, the fish is fantastic.

• Sara Walsh – it is part of my job to question elected officials. Walsh might be new to political office, but she never fails to reply to my questions, jabs and punches with grace and politeness. While we disagree on some things, we always have a conversation – not a yelling match.

• Eagles athletic facilities – the new SoBoCo indoor batting cages and locker rooms are nearly 100% completed and are already being used. While it seems to be slow in starting, the Eagles athletic facilities are quickly rivaling any other schools in the Tri-County Conference.

I have been among those who thought artificial turf on the soccer/football field was an important part of this equation, however, I have been proven wrong. Spending dollars on a weight room which can be utilized by all students – weight training is the most popular class for boys and girls – has also made the Eagles better athletes and more likely to avoid injury. Facilities like the locker room add a long-awaited solution to the a logistical nightmare of athletes simply getting ready for practice. The indoor hitting facility provides one more space for the Eagles to become better and works equally for boys and girls.

• YMCA – The Southern Boone YMCA has revealed its future aspirations and say what you will, this group does not think small. As an MU health official said on Saturday, exercise is a key component to good community health. The future Southern Boone YMCA will provide that space for this community for decades in the future.

• April is National Organ Donor Month – I don’t want to get through April without putting this in the paper.

I hope to be an organ donor – mostly because my life has been enriched by a couple of key people who had recipients of vital organs – one a heart transplant patient, the other a lung transplant recipient.

Being an organ donor is easy – make your wishes known to your loved ones.