By: Marilyn McGuire
On Sunday, January 21st, the Family of Christ Lutheran Church celebrated Pastor Elmer Schiefer’s 98th birthday. He has been our Pastor since 2007.

He graduated from the seminary in 1950 and has been preaching the word of God since then. He and his wife, Bee moved to Ashland in 2008. He is known by many people in Ashland. For years he visited every new person who moved to Ashland.

He attends the Optimist Club meetings and is a member of the YMCA.

He makes regular visits to those who can not attend a church. I am very sure if you asked anyone about Elmer, they would tell you he is an exceptional person. Whether you are Lutheran or not makes no difference to him, as he treats all God’s children with respect and compassion. So if you are fortunate enough to call him Pastor, friend or an acquaintance, you have surely been blessed by him.

He is one of a kind. We have been so blessed to have him lead us for these many years. The job was only going to be temporary!

He and Bee had four children, Sandy, Debbie, Michael and Christopher. They were all at his birthday celebration.

Happy birthday and many more. May God continue to bless you and family.

-The Journal would also like to extend gratitude for Pastor Elmer’s many years of sending in devotional articles. Thank you for your steadfast love and support in sharing the Lord’s word.