By: Frank Burkett

  All of us heard, or maybe barely heard Joe Biden when he whispered, “no more drilling”. Several months ago, or perhaps longer, Joe Biden decided the U.S. coal industry is obsolete, and not needed anymore. Many coal miners and other’s connected to the coal industry will be jobless. The manufacturing of our steel, and other metals, that depend on coal for their cast iron productions, fabrications for bridges and skyscrapers, and etc., will have to close or we will have to import metals from foreign lands. As if we aren’t dependent enough on, China and other countries that aren’t friends of the U.S. now. Joe Biden also proclaimed, that the U.S. will be 100% Green energy by 2036. How many times have I ridiculed that kind of prediction? Fourteen years is a long time, and those predictions are mindless. Many of us will be dead, and the prediction will be forgotten by most, or maybe condemned by other predictions. Our great country will be stripped and powerless to defend itself in case of war. Our major energy source of fossil fuels will be a thing of the past for us, but not for the hooligans that are laughing at choices that has been made for us.

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