My mother Donna, rest her soul, was a firm believer in the old English adage that children should be seen and not heard. To put it mildly, kids annoyed the hell out of her.

Travis Naughton

It would be slanderous to claim that my mom hated all children, however. In fact, she tolerated and/or loved three or four children in her 61 years on this Earth, including my brother Blake, my sons Alex and Truman, and me of course.

Mom died of cancer before she could meet any of her three granddaughters, and I often wonder how she would have interacted with them. Would she have been as firm with them as she had been with her sons and her grandson Alex? (She died one month after we brought Truman home from China, depriving her of the pleasure of scolding yet another naughty Naughton boy.)

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