By: Ernie Wren
Wednesday Jan. 24th: Beer Can Appreciation Day- While under some debate, it is generally accepted that the first beer can was put out by Krueger’s Finest Beer in 1935. But if you happen to have an old can of Apache Export Beer Cone Top Can, don’t crush it for recycling as it’s worth about $25,000.

Thursday Jan. 25th: National Irish Coffee Day- The funny thing here is that the Irish, who are generally tea drinkers, are usually mediocre at best at making coffee. That was least my experience the last time I traversed across Ireland. But making coffee with a bit of whiskey and whipped Irish cream on top of it, it’s all good!

Friday Jan. 26th: National Fun at Work Day- If you’re not having fun at work, find a place where you can! I’ve enjoyed several great places over my career, but none of them have been as fun as teaching at Southern Boone. Find your happiness no matter what your age is!

Saturday Jan. 27th: National Chocolate Cake Day- Invented in America in 1764, the USA is the proud creator of the original, including the German Chocolate Cake. So enjoy, it’s your patriotic duty to eat chocolate cake this day!

Sunday Jan. 28th: National Lego Day- The life-sized Lego version of the Star Wars Rebel X-Wing fighter used 5,335,200 Lego bricks. That’s right, over five million! So don’t yell too much when you step on a Lego brick at home, it could be worse!