By: Ernie Wren
Wednesday Jan. 10th: National Houseplant Appreciation Day- The legalization of marijuana in Missouri somewhat adds a different meaning to “indoor plants making you happier!”

Thursday Jan. 11th: National Milk Day- The USA is currently 17th in milk consumption per capita, let’s see if we can knock Finland off from being number one!

Friday Jan. 12th: National Pharmacist Day- Here’s a career path many high school graduates don’t think about, and it pays an average of $130K to $170K in Missouri!

Saturday Jan. 13th: National Rubber Ducky Day- Did you know that in 1992, 28,000 rubber ducks on their way via boat to Washington went overboard in a storm, and people are still finding them in the ocean and on beaches?

Sunday Jan. 14th: National Organize Your Home Day- It’s cold and wet, so have some fun with this. Organize everything in a room in alphabetical order clockwise and see how it looks!

Monday Jan. 15th: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- Take time to read and reflect on one of the greatest speeches in our nation’s history.

Tuesday Jan. 16th: National Appreciate a Dragon Day- How many dragons can you name? Norbert (Harry Potter), Smaug (The Hobbit), Mushu (Mulan), etc. Celebrate this day by watching dragon movies!

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