We’ve go a whole bunch of leftovers from earlier this month:

Bruce Wallace

Bruce Wallace

What a great weekend of rodeo, seeing friends and watching our community continue to grow.

That’s right, while you’re watching Cowboys saddle up and compete, I see dollars rolling in and scholarships being awarded, youth sports being organized and so much more.

The Saddle Club and the Ashland Optimists put together an army of volunteers in order to make the annual rodeo take place. It’s a great event and we offer our congratulations on 40 years of rodeo fun.

Part of the fun for me is hanging out on the rail, taking photos. On Saturday, that gave me the opportunity to say hello to rodeo clown Trent McFarland. Hearing that he was from Hope Hull, Ala., just on the south side of Montgomery, I returned his greeting with most common salutation you can offer a Bama resident: “Roll Tide.”

To his credit, McFarland did not break his clown character, but I’ve got the feeling he would have loved to have stopped the show and talked football.

Speaking of football…..it seems as though the Eagles under coach Trent Tracy can’t get away from an oddball delayed game each season.

For the third year in a row, the Eagles were involved in a delayed game, only this year the game was called off by officials with just under six minutes left in the third quarter. And, unlike the past two years, the Eagles won this time.

In the professional football ranks, a quarterback from a west coast team sat on the bench in protest during the National Anthem prior to his team’s pre-season game last weekend. The QB said he was protesting racial bias, etc., etc.

The protest drew the predictable outrage – a fan burned the quarterback’s jersey while the anthem blared on a video that quickly became viral – and the millionaire athlete got a lot more attention than he otherwise would have.

I, for one, support his right to protest. But I wish I could have just a minute of his time to make him recognize how well his fellow athletes represented this country during medal ceremonies at the recent Olympic Games.

Heck, I’d let him know how respectful high school athletes are during the anthem ceremonies.

I’m sure I would not change his mind. But I’m glad he had a seat on the bench and protested during the National Anthem – it lets me know exactly which player and which team to root against this season….and next season and the season after that. He can protest, and I hope his protest provides incentive for an angry defensive end to hit violently and sack him.

Labor Day weekend in an election year means the races will be heating up and there will be more and more talk about…..well…those two running to be our President. Giving a quick look to my favorite political commentator, I found his timely quips to be appropriate in the upcoming election – and quotes you could assign to either candidate. Such as…..

“A fool and his money are soon elected.” Will Rogers