By: Frank Burkett

The topics of today, and one happened a few weeks ago. It was the leak in our justice system about overturning the abortion bill, Roe vs. Wade.    

The leak, among other problems, are driving our country to the brink. Though most of it stems, from Joe Biden’s Administration‘s of many failures. From a Liberal’s point of view, an abortion is the solution for indigent black and other minorities of color, plus poor Caucasian single mothers, to raise up from poverty.

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina made Liberal, Janet Yellen, our Secretary of the Treasury, seem like an elitist stooge, as she was defending abortion rights. She had the audacity, of explaining how abortion benefits low income families of minority races. She went onto say that the young impoverished single mother, wouldn’t be able to care for the newborn, and implied how much better off the mother and baby would be, if the baby would be aborted.

Right away I can tell you for sure, it doesn’t benefit the baby. Now abortion rights are outside of  my purview, but Senator Scott made a good argument, that it should be overturned. And then he told Mrs. Yellen, about his single mother giving birth to him, instead of the alternative, abortion. Yes, Ms Scott struggled, in raising her young son, but look what that young man has become? How many more aborted children, would have contributed to the livelihood of you, me and the world? I conclude that Janet Yellen, with those comments, is an elitist racist.

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