By: Dr. Don Kuehle

I stood by the bedside of a man who had been seriously injured in an accident. If he lived, he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life. I overheard a member of his family comment: “He’ll be alright —IF it’s God’s will.” I stood in a Funeral Home, trying to comfort the family of a young man who had died prematurely. Through her tears, his mother said to me: “Preacher, I guess it was his time to go, and God took him. I guess it’s God’s will.” As we look out on a world filled with weariness and war; corruption and crime; violence & abuse & terrorism — we ponder: “Is this God’s will for us?” As we see economies collapsing all around the world; millions of people hungry and homeless; millions more with no job and no hope — we’re wondering: “How can a good God allow these bad things to happen?” Dr. Leslie Weatherhead helps us to understand exactly what is, and what is not, the will-of-God: