It was a Hall of Fame night worth remembering.

Bruce Wallace

The first Southern Boone High School Eagles Hall of Fame ceremony was held Saturday evening and it was a celebration of outstanding athletes…..and a few of the special things about Southern Boone.

Old friends, like Dave Gill and Gerald Buescher were inducted, as were younger old friends like Tillie Bill. A trio of very impressive state championship teams were also inducted – and all three still looked young enough to still get out there and swing the bat or fly over a hurdle on the track.

A few scenes:

• I finally had the opportunity to meet the great Joyce Arnsmeyer. All she did was score more than 3,000 points in her basketball career. Remember, that’s scoring those points without the three-point line. Arnsmeyer played in an era where two girls teams played 6-on-6 facing three defenders on the offensive end, Arnsmeyer saw her share of tough defenses.

Arnsmeyer was as much a delight to meet as she was prolific with a basketball.

• A note on emcee and host Rod Smith: We all know Rod is pretty special just because he and the KRCG-13 sports staff provide the best Mid-Missouri high school sports cast on a consistent basis. Rod signed on to emcee Saturday’s Hall of Fame ceremony, but also was booked for a family birthday party organized for one of his parents, who live in Arizona. Smith planned to return in time, however, he nearly didn’t make it when his flight was delayed in Dallas. Smith did make it – and made the evening very special. Rod Smith is a dedicated professional, and a really good guy.

• Thanks to those on the organizing committee. Saturday’s was an outstanding event, bringing a community from yesterday and today together to celebrate Eagles athletics.