By: Frank Burkett

Global warming is in the administration’s cross hairs with Joe’s last ditch stand on the watered down, Build Back Better Bill. Joe has whittled it down to a trillion and some change, but he still has that stubborn Democrat Senator Joe Manchin to contend with. The Democrat Progressives in the party, will not let Joe off the hook, unless he gets tax $$$$$ to combat global warming. The Senator said he would not go along with the spending bill, if it had spending for global warming.  Also he says, I will have to wait for the quarterly financial report on the economy. I am not very smart, but I can tell you the financial outlook for the near future of the U.S., is not good. I don’t say there is no global warming, but for thousands of  years there has been weather cycles, cooling and warming. Let us go back several years and try to figure this out.

What ever happened to the cooling of the planet, and us being doomed, about fifty years ago? We were all going to be short of food, and the forces that be, would have to find more coal, plus other fossil fuels for warmth. Another ice age was forecast. Our hair spray and deodorant propellants, of aerosol particles, back in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s were going to screen off the sun, therefore no sun and the end of civilization. It would be, because glaciers would travel North and South from the Poles that would cool the oceans, and that would wreak havoc from storms of tornadoes, plus hurricanes and etc.

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