By: Frank Burkett

  Grover Cleveland proved it can be done. He was our 22nd and 24th president, but back then the mass media, which was minute’ by the standards of today, but wasn’t as politically biased as it is today. Also our Justice Department, created in 1870, and its component the FBI was created in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation, later was prefixed Federal (FBI) in 1935. They are in a sense political, because the Attorney General of the Justice Department and the Director of the FBI are appointed and can be dismissed by the Executive Branch. Much of the data fed to the White House riot investigation, was from the FBI, and that component of the justice department has been caught in many lies, from the Director and some of his subordinates.

Two, in name only, Republicans were appointed to the January, 6 WH riot investigation, and one of those, Senator Liz Cheney vehemently said that Donald Trump could never run for president. Then Speaker Nancy Pelosi would echo the same message. Other elite Democrats would echo Nancy’s echo, but here we are. If those that didn’t want Trump to run again, they should never have, more or less antagonized, thus pressuring him into doing just that. WOW! Wouldn’t they regurgitate on themselves, if DJT would go down in history as number 45 and 47? Let us not forget, Trump served his country for four years without pay, and chances are he would do it again.

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