By: Frank Burkett

  Election day November 8, 2022. Ah yes the good old days, and you know that wasn’t so long ago, when you knew who the winners were, usually by the next day. The election isn’t over yet, and I am wondering when it will be. If the GOP take the House and the Senate, will they start impeachment proceedings on any of the Democrats? No, probably not, because they don’t want to be accused and lumped into being vindictive, that elected Democrats have no problem with. Such as the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris and several other malcontents that will be named, as this LTTE proceeds.

  Myself, I would hope the head of Homeland Security would be honed in on, for the new Congress’s first step in cleaning up this mess that President Joe Biden has brought on by himself. By his opening our borders and inviting illegal’s to stream in by the thousands, to our GREAT COUNTRY.

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