That Ashland and Dist. 50 State Rep. Sara Walsh did not call for Gov. Eric Greitens’ resignation when he was indicted last month seemed prudent to many at the time.

This newspaper was quickly convinced that where there was smoke, there was fire and called for Greitens’ resignation upon the first sign of impropriety.

“We will wait for more information to come out,” Walsh said after the initial indictment. There is nothing wrong with waiting on new evidence, however, strong evidence was delivered last week and Walsh is still standing by her mantra of waiting for evidence.

What she should do is take a stronger look at the evidence produced by a bi-partisan committee of elected officials and call, loudly, for the governor to resign as other House members have in the past week.

Rep. Walsh’s voice would make a difference because each and every time a state representative voices a lack of confidence in Greitens, the closer he is to resigning and saving the State from a costly and embarrassing summer impeachment trial.

If Walsh is waiting for the felony trial, she will get it. If she thinks it will make a difference, forget it. The evidence provided by her esteemed colleagues tell us that Greitens can no longer provide effective, moral leadership.

Rep. Sara Walsh is a state representative because, at her heart, she wants to serve the people of her district and her state. We also know her as a person with a heart of gold and high moral standards. We can only guess as to her inner turmoil and outrage at this bizarre turn of events for the young, seemingly “American Hero” governor.

But if Walsh wants to serve Missouri, she will withdraw her “wait and see” demeanor, stand up to the governor and let him know he cannot lead that sort of life in private and serve as his state’s leader in public.

Bruce Wallace