By: Jane Rutter

The 70-mile per hour winds blew us into town, David having gripped the wheel for most of the eight-hour trip. Unloading our bags from the car, we were relieved to land and excited to attend my brother Tom’s surprise retirement party. His was a celebration well-worth the drive. God bless my sister-in-law Linda for planning the event.

Over one hundred former and current students, faculty, friends and family members came to honor him. But what touched me most, was hearing one after the other share how by challenging them to think and strive for the truth, Tom has brought them to closer to Christ and forever changed the course of their lives.

As the testimonies continued, the reticent who had decided beforehand not to get up and say anything, took the mic to share their sentiments. “I’m not a public speaker, but…” we heard echoed more than once.

With tears in my eyes, what occurred to me as I listened, was how little we realize the impact we have on others. How gathered as community in this room on this first Saturday in Easter, we were the disciples sharing in the joy of Christ risen on the cross and present within us!

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