By: Frank Burkett

Barrack Obama, when president, racially termed we Conservatives in the mid-west, as gun toting, Bible thumping rednecks. Then we Conservatives were called by Hillary Clinton, as half of us Trump supporters are a basket of deplorable racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobia and I believe she ended there. I would like to know what she thought the other half was though? Other than Joe Biden just reading what is put before him, and sometime he isn’t to sharp at doing that, he is okay. He has no business being the President, or in any other leadership role, but he seems to be just a good old joe. The Pandemic is a destructive issue for us, but the escalation in illegal’s coming across the South Western border is even a worse problem. Being drug smuggling, sex trafficking, racketeering, and spreading Covid-19 plus other diseases that have all been almost eliminated in the U.S. DJT sort of had it under control, but Joe comes in and upsets the apple cart, as the saying goes. Look at it now, but guess who the Democrats are blaming, yep DJT? Joe put his number two, Kamala, in charge of securing the border, and instead of going to the border she heads for Guatemala with a bundle of cash, because investing financial help will keep the citizenry home by making more jobs. Bull hockey Kamala, the goons running the country are laughing their butts off, as they stash the cash.

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