By: Travis Naughton
“Well, Sarah Beth, did the fireworks live up to your expectations?” the doting father asked his beloved daughter as they walked home after the 4th of July festivities had ended. It was the centennial celebration of America’s independence, and Kansas City, Missouri, like most communities across the nation, had pulled out all the stops as far as its pyrotechnic display was concerned.

“Yes, daddy! They were wonderful. Even prettier than you said they would be!”
“But still not as pretty as you, my love,” the father said. He and the girl’s mother Olivia strolled arm in arm as their young daughter skipped ahead in the moonlight.
“Look how happy she is Alan,” Olivia said to her husband, “I hope I never forget this night as long as I live.” The smile that graced Olivia’s contented face warmed Alan Keller’s soul.
“You know, Liv,” Alan said, “I don’t think my heart has ever been this full in all my life.”

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