Less than two weeks from Christmas and my daughters are still asking me what I want under the tree.

Bruce Wallace

                                           Bruce Wallace

What I would actually want is less. Less around the house, less house to assist taking care of… it’s a case of less being more.

Except in the case of time. Time I can always use more of.

So on that note, I will offer you a few cool gadgets that may save you some time, provide you some fun and, well, just be really cool to get under the tree:

• The NOCO Genius Boost GB70 battery booster – There are a number of battery jumper kits out there, I’ve had multiple friends tell me this one is tops. It is small, portable and you merely connect the clamps to jump a dead car/marine battery. It also has a USB port to re-charge dead electronic devices if you don’t have power. It’s small, but has 2000 AMPs. Not cheap at $199, but worth every penny when ya gotta have juice.

• Amazon Echo and Dot – These amazing speakers aren’t just for techies, a built-in voice assistant is always listening for voice commands and controls you music services, tell you the weather forecast and answer random questions. $180.

• Samsung Smart TV w/Smart Remote – Samsung has permanently fixed the TV remote control. The 2016 TVs come with a remote that controls almost anything you plug in – from Xboxes to Blu-ray players and every cable box. The smart remote comes with even entry level TVs. Starting at $450.

• Anki Cozmo Robot Toy – This new robot sidekick uses cameras, sensors and AI to interact with pets and humans. You can program the palm-sized robot to recognize faces and say your name. If you decided to ignore him, he will play games on his own. $180

• Bose QC35 Headphones – I love my Bose noise-reduction headphones, but these wireless headphones win top reviews from tech experts. And will kill the noise of a Southwest Airlines jet engine – even if you’re sitting over the wing. $450.

• Apple Watch Series 2 – Smartwatches now two years old, but that means they’ve taken the kinks out of them. The Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof, with built-in GPS with a faster processor. Starts at $270.

• DJI Mavic Pro Drone – This is a backpack-friendly drone, which unfolds like your kids’ Transformers. The battery life is only 24-minutes, but you can attach a battery booster to add another 12-15 minutes of fun. Best of all, the 4K camera has outstanding quality. $1,000 (see City of Ashland regulations before flying in town.)

Pricey list, huh?

With the recent cold front, it has reminded me that I don’t need smart electronics as much as I need warm socks. Smart Wool socks.