This week, I began working an eight-week substitute teaching assignment in a second grade classroom, covering for a great friend and a wonderful educator who is taking maternity leave. This is the fifth time in my teaching career that I’ve had the privilege of working for friends/co-workers while they stayed home with their new babies.

Travis Naughton

Each time I am asked to take the reins for a teacher going on an extended leave, I am both surprised and honored by their request. Despite this being my ninth year in education, I still find it incredible that certified professionals who have dedicated their lives to their students and their craft would entrust their classrooms to me. Yet trust me they do. You may recall that I was even entrusted to teach music for an entire school year. Actually, trust may not be the right word. Perhaps desperation would be more accurate.  

At any rate, once again I find myself embarking upon another great adventure at the Primary School. The students in my class feel like old friends due to the fact that I’ve known most of them since they were in kindergarten. The teachers I’m working with are like family, with this being my third extended stint as a member of the second grade team. Indeed, the next two months will be a lot of fun. 

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