By: Frank Burkett

Another blunder, by the worst of the incompetent personnel at the White House, Joe Biden. Joe, who appointed Alejandro Mayorkus as Homeland Security Secretary, now has found Mayorkus has proven, as the saying goes, “to be a chip off the old block.” Alejandro has appointed a disinformation czar, Nina Jankowicz. Well, when he was called out on the appointment of Nina, he did like his boss Joe does, pass the buck. When queried about her ding-aling remarks on the Steele Dossier and Hunter Biden laptop, Mayorkus answered, he wasn’t aware of what she said. I tried to find her salary, but if it is minimum wage, she is being over paid. Her Mary Poppins jingle about misinformation was kookie, but it was better discerned as a, WHACK A DOODLE DO.

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