On Friday, August 21, 2020, subscribers to the Columbia Daily Tribune opened their morning paper to a bold headline above the fold on the front page, “Hank Waters remembered as pioneering, persistent journalist.”  Below the headline, a photograph captures Hank, his wife Vicki, and three of his children looking out through a wide window opening during construction in 2001 when the Tribune expanded its printing plant.  Henry J. Waters III—the newspaper’s former editor and publisher—was always looking into the future.

by Cathy Salter

Like the sun, Hank was a constant source of energy and light. Over the course of his career as a journalist extraordinaire, he penned, typed, and published over 18,000 editorials.  “Think in Ink” is what he did for over 50 years; and agree with him or not, you wanted to know what Hank was thinking.  Even after the Tribune was sold to GateHouse Media Inc. four years ago, he continued to write two editorials a week.  One was published the day following Hank’s passing. Always engaged and forward looking, “Hank’s View” that morning was entitled, “A New World.”  

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