By: Dr. Don Kuehle

Pity poor old August! Unless one has a birthday or an anniversary in August, there is absolutely nothing spectacular or notable about this Summer-is-almost-over month.

Originally this month was called Sextilis; it stood in the sixth place on the Calendar. Then, as changes occurred in the Calendar,  Sextilis was moved to the eighth position in the year, and was re-named August.

In the days of the Roman Caesars, the Roman Senate had named one of the months in honor of Julius Caesar. When Emperor Augustus came to power, he was not to be outdone. Augustus had the Roman Senate name a month in honor of him. Sextilis, or August, then had 30 days, in contrast to July’s 31 days. So, Emperor Augustus decreed that one day be taken from the month of February and added to the month of August, making it equal with July.  Power and politics seem to affect our lives in strange and numerous ways.

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