By: Dr. Don Kuehle

The Season-of-Lent is a Season-of-Suffering! None of us can go through life without some suffering; it’s been that way ever since Adam and Eve. Before the Fall, Adam and Eve knew nothing of pain, of failure, of suffering, of death. After the Fall, they experienced all these things — and more. Whenever Sin separated Adam and Eve from God, Eve experienced pain n giving birth; Adam felt failure as he planted good seed and harvested only weeds; Cain caused the death of his own brother; suffering became a way-of-life. Adam and Eve, and everyone since, have asked: “If God is truly good, how can He allow evil to ruin life?” — “If God is so great, why do people suffer, for no apparent reason?” Lent is a time to find answers to these disturbing questions. In Old Testament times, Job suffered! Suffered the loss of all his property and possessions — 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 1,000 cattle stolen, and all his buildings burned. Suffered the death of all his children via a storm — Job lost his 7 sons and 3 daughters in one horrific moment. Suffered the loss of his wife and closest friends — they all turned against Job in his time of greatest need;

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