By: Dr. Glenn Mollette

Father’s Day is coming one more time and you still have a chance at having a great family.

Fathers like most all people have good days and bad days. They have great seasons of life and some that are more difficult. Few fathers will look back over their lives and say, “Every day I was a perfect dad.” Some days were better than others.

We all feel bad about the seasons of our lives when we had to work too much. Working all the time depletes energy we would prefer to spend on our families. The problem is that like most fathers we want to keep a roof over our heads and food in the refrigerator. Making car payments, house payments, and all the basic things of life typically keep most dads and moms very busy.

Even in a home filled with love and patience the average dad lives a juggling life. He is pulled between work, kid’s ballgames, meeting the needs of his wife and housework.  Add to this school meetings, homework, fishing, piano lessons, family events, all while trying to maintain and add to his career.

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