There were two things that Joan Schwieder Frazier cherished more than anything in this world her whole life through: her family and her memories of growing up in Steelville Missouri.

Joan was born in 1937 to Latham and Ruby Schwieder in Steelville Missouri and spent her first years in the house that later became the original Steelville community museum.  She loved to tell stories of their huge garden by a big spring and how for three weeks every summer they were the most popular people in town as her daddy handed out field corn to all comers.  While in high school Joan loved her walking horse named Man and won numerous awards around the State in the “Ladies Open Show” class against grown women.

After high school Joan graduated from Drury College in Springfield, and then moved to St. Louis to teach at Riverview High School until marriage swept her away to Springfield.  There she had a son, Anthony Frazier.  His own path eventually led to Ashland where he and wife Jenny sought to raise their own children, Lila and Lily.  Joan was beside herself and moved to Ashland to share in the joys that only innocent girlhood can bestow upon the world.  As would be expected, she regaled her granddaughters with tales of Steelville past: ice skating on a huge country pond dozens of kids at a time; the fun to be had after school on the way to the local drug store with their 5 cent fountain cokes; and how her own daddy, an avid outdoorsman, raised thousands of quail in a basement hatchery to turn loose in the fields of Crawford County, making it a destination spot for bird hunters.  

Joan is survived by her son Anthony, his wife Jenny, her granddaughters Lily and Lila, and several beloved cousins who were more like sisters and brothers.  She did not know many in Ashland, but those she met were warm and welcoming, and we thank you for accepting her into your community so late in her years.