June 4, 1987 – October 11, 2018

In memory of our beloved daughter Emma, who passed away on October 11, 2018.

Emma Lutz-McKenna

She is survived by: her father, Chuck McKenna and “Lovely Step Mother” Cathy McKenna; sisters, Carly Wobbe, Myia McKenna Custer and Gemma McKenna; brothers, Todd McKenna, Chuck McKenna and Lucas Bauer; and her mother, Jennifer Lutz-Bauer. Also her uncle Bill and aunt Ann, and loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family and friends on both sides of her family along with untold numbers in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Emma attended Southern Boone County Schools and Columbia Schools, including Southern Boone High School and she graduated from Rock Bridge High School. She was a cheerleader and loved participating in plays both in school and many community theater productions in Columbia.

She studied Juvenile Justice at Columbia College and transferred to University of Missouri at St. Louis to study criminal justice. She loved living in the French Quarter in New Orleans and for ten years enjoyed to the utmost good music, great food, dancing, and local art. She also loved to paint, write, read, and became fully immersed into that community and other aspects of Louisiana culture. She had fun every single day.

She worked in the food and beverage industry and later as a stage production worker for Conventions and other events in New Orleans.

We will miss her until we see her again in the next life.