Health is central to the well being of people, it also makes an important contribution to economic progress. Effecting economic development both directly and indirectly according to Jocelyn Finlay of Harvard Initiative for Global Health.

Five years ago the City of Ashland lobbied for a YMCA to be located in Ashland.

“We went to the City of Brookfield and asked for their revenue and expenses prior to the YMCA and five years after, because sometimes we have non-quantifiable revenue that does add to the sales tax base. The YMCA brings people into town for fitness, actives, and watching games causing other local facilities to accommodate the crowds,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer.

Having a YMCA in our community drives economic development. “Yes, absolutely,” said Rhorer.

The non-quantifiable revenue is difficult to track, however it directly adds to the sales tax base along with added revenue the YMCA directly brings into Ashland.

“There has been an increase in the last five years. There is no doubt we just had one of the largest months we’ve ever had. It’s non-quantifiable revenue, but our base has gone up,” said Rhorer.

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By Carson Blake