When the late George Campbell gained a new neighbor approximately four years ago out by Columbia Airport, according to friend and Ashland Mayor Gene Rhorer, he made a cold call to the new farmland owners Larry and Brenda Potterfield. 

“A few years back we acquired two farms totaling just under 500 acres bounded by the Airport, State Highway H, and Highway 63. Then, Ashland passed a sewer bond issue that included the prospect of running a sewer line to the airport,” said Potterfield. 

The $1.9 million sewer project became a cost share between the Potterfields $948,000 share, The Baptist Home $405,000, and the remainder to the City of Ashland. 

“Larry was in charge, he built the forced main and we reimbursed,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer. 

The sewer bond issue is now 90% finished and gave the opportunity of Cartwright Industrial Park. 

“The Potterfield Family are not developers,” said Potterfield. “The family has a long history of benevolence and we thought it would be good for the central Missouri community if we would invest in grading, utilities, roads, and a couple of spec building – which we did – creating Cartwright Business and Technology Park.” 

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By Carson Blake