2019 was a year of new beginnings for multiple businesses here in Ashland. On the list of businesses freshly introduced to the area is Century Tattoo, which opened just before the end of the year. 

The shop was founded and is run by tattooists Cody Finley and Lars Van Zandt, who specialize in performing intricately designed and large scale tattoos for their clientele. The partners met in their former job, working as artists at Iron Tiger Tattoo in Columbia.The two worked together over the span of a decade before going into business for themselves. From there, the idea of Century Tattoo became a reality. 

At Century Tattoo, prices vary depending on the size and duration of the tattoo. Due to the complex designs that the artists are accustomed to performing, they strive to ensure that every last detail meets up to what their customers want. For this reason, the business provides in person consultations.This is helpful for those who need help getting an idea of what they want. Piercing services are also provided at the shop, and are performed by Hunter Gardiner, who is also a former employee of Iron Tiger Tattoo. 

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By Sofia Zeman